Our Team

Branding Agency Amy Dennis

Amy Dennis
Owner/Creative Director

With heels as high as her expectations and a wardrobe with more tutus than a two-year-old, Nice Branding owner Amy Dennis lives and breathes all things branding. Amy fills her days with meetings and mock-ups and moves into mommy mode at night. She has a special way of leading her team to create brands that exemplify the uniqueness of a company. There’s no music sweeter to her ears than the joy in her clients’ voices when they love the work they are presented, that is, unless it’s a song sang by Kenny himself.

Branding Agency Lakeland Sonya Baldwin

Sonya Harrison
Art Director

She chooses her tequila by the label. She chooses her coffee by its strength. She chooses her perfume by the shape of the bottle, and she chooses colors out of pure instinct and skill. Sonya Baldwin is not your typical Art Director; she’s a boot wearin’, lime bitin’, country music listenin’ graduate of The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale. Her design skills set her apart from others, as she brings life, color, and large doses of patience to the table… and on bad days, the salt.


Danielle Humphrey
Graphic Designer

Danielle is a Nintendo-lovin’ native of Franklin who got schooled at Belmont University. She is a pop-culture, Internet junkie who uses her creativity to crank out likable social posts and powerful print ads. Her desk is covered in Post-its, and she’s always cleverly inserting emojis into every email she sends. During her time away from the keyboard, she can be found listening to the sounds of Panic! at the Disco while sippin’ on some sweet tea.

branding-agency-nashville-mary-plummer (2)

Mary Plummer
Web Developer

This lady’s skills for crafting crazy web code into attractive, user-friendly, well-oiled websites is out of this world. We don’t exactly speak her language, but she’s quick to translate and magically transform our mockups into wonderful websites that provide our clients with super-friendly functionality right at their fingertips. In plain html, this lady will rock your world! In addition to raising her six-year-old daughter, getting her yoga on, and watching The Sound of Music more often than we floss (Sorry, Doc!), Mary loves to get out of her comfort zone and trot the globe like a boss.

Chelsea Magdanz
Digital Strategist

With a smile as big as the Smithsonian and a personality that’s more bubbly than a bottle of Dom, Chelsea is not afraid to get her hands on a dirty martini and do what it takes to get the job done. With a marketing degree from Florida State University, she can take on whatever the day holds from event planning to blogging to ballroom dancing. She’s always ready to bust a move, so just remember, “If you got a problem, YO, Chelsea will solve it!”

Branding Agency Andy Dennis

Andy Dennis

Better known as Mr. Nice Guy, Andy is our resident bean-counter, gopher, and ranch hand. We keep him locked up in the back and sometimes slide cookies under his door if we are feeling generous. In addition to keeping the numbers straight, he can often be found making runs to the store for more Red Bulls or Monsters to help the girls stay awake and hard at work. This Auburn University grad escapes to his Georgia hunting camp as much as possible to regain his sanity and un-PINK-ify himself.

Samantha Bamaca
Creative Strategist

This witty wordsmith is crazy about creating the perfect paragraph and coming up with killer ad copy. She uses her storytelling skills, along with countless cups of coffee, to craft high-performing blog posts, concise yet compelling ad copy, and website words that will turn your visitors into loyal customers. With a business degree from the University of Central Florida, Samantha will strategize your subject until the right angle is uncovered and then bust out some bangin’ words to boost your business, all while keeping up with her cutest little babe. 


Tracey Darragh
Creative Digital Strategist

Tracey is a singing and dancing St. Louis native who picked up and moved to Nashville to pursue her passion for branding. A jill of all trades, Tracey literally knows something about everything and she spends her days analyzing exactly what makes a brand tick. When she’s not outlining campaigns and optimizing ads, Tracey can be found road-tripping in her jacked up Jeep Wrangler, jet-setting to romantic cities, and dipping her toes in every ocean of the world. Tracey’s effervescent positivity paired with her detail-oriented, strategic thought process, make her an invaluable asset for our clients. Her dream is to be on Broadway or she’d settle for a spot in reality tv, but we think she’s landed the perfect gig as a designer and strategist at Nice Branding.

Branding Agency Dog

Mac Dog

AKA Mac Pies and Macaroni, this little pup keeps all of us girls in line. As Nice Branding’s full-time bouncer, Mac makes sure to keep us all clicking away throughout the entire day. As a lover of apples, tuna fish, almonds, and yogurt parfaits, this one-of-a-kind pup is sure to be found curling up in Amy’s lap, lounging on Sonya’s feet, letting stinkers in the production department and constantly attacking Ashley. Just remember, be careful when you decide to open our door… you never know who is going to card you.