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Alltrust | Nashville Website Design

After going through a brand refresh in 2013, Alltrust entrusted their web presence to the creativity and strategy of Nice Branding Agency. They needed a new website that better communicated their overall brand personality and corporate capabilities; and performed responsively. They also wanted the ability to manage edits and updates in-house.

With a goal to create something as unique as their culture and as vibrant as their updated branding, Nice Branding decided a custom wordpress site (CMS) was non-negotiable. With the task to design, write copy, and develop the site, it was time to load up on caffeine and put on our brainstorming britches.

Nice Branding had to create verbiage and copy that spoke with the tone of Alltrust’s Brand Voice. It had to be witty but also serious enough to grab the attention of CEOs and HR directors. It had to ooze fun and humor; however, it still needed to communicate Alltrust’s services and capabilities in a professional manner.

Nice Branding Agency decided on a homepage design that wasn’t typical, mainly because Alltrust isn’t typical. The homepage of Alltrust consists of great big, colorful boxes that work to draw visitors to the areas of the site which meet their needs. These buttons are both measurable and easily interchangeable in order to assure that the homepage would always have the ability to be updated to align with other marketing strategies.

The culture section of their website showcases the unique environment known as Alltrust through an image gallery; great big headshots of staff along with personal, quirky bios; and highlights of community service and accolades received throughout their years of business.

Each section of services and capabilities works to communicate the aliments found within their industry clients, and then provides solutions available by choosing Alltrust. The verbiage developed by Nice Branding Agency and used throughout the entire site exudes personality and aligns with the brand voice of Alltrust. The tone of the copy shows an obvious passion and enthusiasm for their craft, being careful to avoid salesy or generic messaging. It communicates that Alltrust is different without blatantly stating that “Alltrust is Different” — because everyone says that, right? Each section showcases icons for those more visually inclined and descriptive text for those who communicate more clearly through verbiage. Multiple calls to action are found throughout the site so that message effectiveness can be measured.

Overall, the entire website provides a friendly, funny vibe while providing clear explanations of service and great resources for their current clients and prospective clients.

The owner of Alltrust, Joe Part, said it best, “Our culture is not something that can be put into words. It’s something that is felt.”

Nice Branding knows that you can feel the culture of this company through their site, and we are proud to present our masterpiece,

“In an industry that is filled with so much homogeneous messaging and standard calls to action (get a free quote), you have done an excellent job of making yourselves look completely different in the eyes of the buyer. It exudes personality. The tone of your current copy is different, your obvious passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing is clearly different, your calls to action are different (“Ready for a pat down?” That’s fantastic!) – without telling people that you’re different. We’re big believers in showing who you are and not telling them who you are, and you’re doing that in spades right now.” – Wendy Keneipp, Q4intelligence.

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