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Brand Development | The Sand Barre

The Sand Barre is a BarreAmped fitness studio located in Naples, Florida.

The Sand Barre hired Nice Branding Agency during the conceptual stages for brand development, to encompass both interior design and visual identity. After the initial brand elements were created and brand direction was established, Nice Branding carried out the design and printing of business cards, advertisements, and other marketing materials.

Brand Development

Our journey with The Sand Barre started with a deep dive into the founders’ ideas for their business. Specifically, we started by reviewing the available budget and overall goals, then advised the client to kick off their brand development project with our ever successful Brand Schemin’ session. This strategy session aligns vision and direction through the combination of imagery, color, fonts, interior elements, and voice. As a result of hours of discussion and creative strategizing, Nice Branding presented three fully developed brand personalities to the team at The Sand Barre. One encompassed the client’s original creative request, one pushed the client down the road of zen through geometric, tribal patterns and textiles, and one strayed wildly outside of the fitness industry, combining high fashion, palm trees, beach vibes, and golden, boutique-inspired accents. The Nice Branding team knew that this last brand direction was definitely going to push the client outside of their comfort zone, but had full confidence that the direction, when fully executed, would resonate deeply with their target market.

While reviewing the three options for brand direction, the client was admittedly amazed at the options presented. Ultimately, they selected the last board, which was not at all what they had originally envisioned for their studio. Each day, the team at The Sand Barre strolls into their studio, in awe of the life that was breathed into the brand as a result of the initial Brand Schemin’ session.

“We loved all three of the brand schemin’ options. In fact, between the two of us, we each had a favorite but we ended up going with the third, the one that wasn’t our personal favorites. I think this was because we trusted that Nice knew our market better than we did. It was exciting to go with something that was different for us. We loved that it was timeless & classic Naples. While it wasn’t something either of us would have ever dreamed up on our own, the retro beach feel with Vogue/Chanel vibes was a perfect connection between our playful studio name and the classic vibe we wanted to portray. It definitely felt like the quintessential Naples woman.” – Brooke Lackey, Sand Barre Owner

Interior Design

Armed with elements of lighting, artwork, colors, fonts, imagery, interior finishes, and overall brand image, the ladies at The Sand Barre set out to bring the interior of their studio to life. The goal of the interior design project was to be able to expand brand reach by having the interior space speak to clients and potential clients. We are proud to say that we have never had another client take the selected brand board and harness the vision as these ladies did. Needless to say, the outcome was amazing, and we were thrilled with the way that The Sand Barre executed our vision!

Environmental branding is one of Nice Branding’s strong suits, and it was rewarding to be able to provide a client with a direction that allowed them to carry out the interior elements themselves. This translated into a budget-friendly, yet beautiful outcome. Not every client that Nice Branding works with has unlimited funds, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide direction and equip our clients with information that will help them successfully execute the brand when necessary. We take great pride in being able work within most clients’ budgets, while not sacrificing quality or style.

Bright and Fun Barre Class in Naples, Florida

Logo Development

Once the brand board was established, Nice Branding set out to develop a logo that would align with the overall vision of brand development. A logo was crafted in a compelling script, thoughtfully paired with an flamingo icon doing a fitness pose. The custom flamingo quickly became iconic piece of the brand and can be seen adorning t-shirts, wall graphics, and other marketing materials as a true icon of the brand.

The Sand Barre Logo

Business Card Development

Next was the creation of custom business card that would embrace and enhance the brand image. At Nice Branding, we believe a business card is a powerful tool, not to be overlooked. It either can stand out from the sea of business cards handed out at a networking function, or it can get thrown in the trash on the way to the car.

The Sand Barre selected a card design that presented the necessary information in a clean, compelling manner, and was then printed on silk and adorned with spot UV and metallic gold ink to complement the established brand direction. Multiple designs were created and implemented to further develop the established brand image.  

Go on, you know that you want to say it. “Oh La La!” And no, you’re right, these cards aren’t from Staples or VistaPrint, but they ARE economical and they DO get noticed, which in the end is priceless.

Beautiful Sand Barre Business Cards

Marketing Materials

After the initial brand development elements were completed, The Sand Barre worked, and continues to work, with Nice Branding to develop various marketing and advertising materials as needed.

A promotional card was created to help advertise a new client special, which similarly to the business card, was implemented with gold metallic ink and spot UV to highlight the brand icon and key information. Additionally, a simple Grand Opening advertisement was created for use in a local publication to further the reach of the Grand Opening specials and festivities.

Our Different Style Business Cards

Sand Barre Workout Shirt

Raising the Barre

“Neither of us ever have been professionals in marketing, so we never once questioned or doubted the fact that we needed to bring in the big guns! You only get one chance to make a first impression, right?” – Brooke Lackey, Sand Barre Owner

We can’t necessarily measure the impact that the brand development, environmental design, printed marketing, and consulting had on the success of the studio; however, we do know that the studio launched with great success, and branding was a vital element of the initial start up strategy. The owners considered it just as important as the buildout, the equipment, and the class schedule.

“Listen, when you open a business, and you’re just a regular person trying to pay cash every step of the way, every penny spent hurts. We were bleeding money for months on a new business in a new town with no guarantee that we would make a penny back. Did it hurt to write a check to Nice for our branding and our marketing package the same week we paid the first & last month’s rent in Naples, Florida? Yes, of course, but we never once doubted it. We had complete confidence in the ladies behind the creative machine of Nice Branding and knew we had to spend the money on excellent marketing in order to make a big impact.” – Brooke Lackey, Sand Barre Owner

It’s nice to know that they aren’t sitting around wondering, “What if we would have exercised brand development?” because they don’t have time for that! They were smart enough to realize the impact of visual appearance on their target market from the beginning and act upon it, thus allowing brand development to aid in their success.

Although this isn’t the largest project Nice Branding has completed, we do consider it one for the record books. We are confident that this was a successful project because we were able to convince a small startup that branding was indeed important, and that we could equip them with what they needed to get up and running on a smaller budget. They consider our partnership a success because they were able to successfully carry forth our vision throughout portions of their brand that they did not have budget allocated. Additionally, upon opening, the studio had significant response in membership, and continues to see steady increases in class size, repeat business and referrals.

Nice Branding Agency continues to work with The Sand Barre to assist with marketing and advertising projects.

“We still use Nice to design business cards, marketing hand-outs, t-shirts… we plan to have a long-term relationship with y’all. The overwhelming response to our studio is that it feels warm, friendly, and beautiful. We are told that our competitors feel cold and sterile. While we like to think the two of us have a little to do with that, we know we couldn’t have done it without Nice.” – Brooke Lackey, Sand Barre Owner

If you’re interested in undergoing a brand development project with Nice Branding Agency, please contact us at our branding Nashville location.

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